Here’s a message from Bob Linke who’s kindly been digging around looking for the exact location of Kesey’s old haunts… Thanks Bob.

I recently reread The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and I also wanted to know where Perry Lane was. I couldn’t find it online so today I went to the Palo Alto City Library. I met the reference librarian and asked him where Perry Lane was. I said “was” since in the book it stated that a developer bought the place. The librarian turned out to be Library’s Historian.

He stated that Perry Lane is still there but it isn’t really in Palo Alto. I asked him to show me on a map and he did. Perry Lane is near the Stanford Golf Course. I provided a¬†map¬†attached to this email. However, the map indicated the name as Perry Ave. He said Lane… Avenue…. whatever… this is the place where Ken Kesey stayed. He said that it belongs to an unincorporated part of Menlo Park. Up to around the late 1980’s to early 1990s, it was still a very cheap place to live. The reason was that much of the land was parcelled into very small lots which was barely on the legal side as sufficient for a house. However, he stated that now it is gentryfied and isn’t that cheap anymore.

Sooooo…. I got in my car and drove the 10 minutes from the library to Perry Ave. It was actually a little hard to find as Oak/Vine is not well labelled. However, I finally got the right place and drove down the short road. It’s mainly newer houses but I did see what looked like two old wooden one room cottage houses that looked from the Kesey period. It was raining today so I didn’t take any pictures. Maybe in a week or so I will.

Perry hunt