La Honda. Prankster HQ. Party Central. Edge City.

After the success of Cuckoo’s Nest and the demolition of their old Perry Lane haunt, Kesey, Faye, and the kids, moved into a log house set in its own spread amongst the redwoods ofSan Mateo county, California, about 15 miles from Palo Alto. Perry Lane friends and like-minded psychedelic fellow travellers were regular vistors and eventually residents at La Honda and the place began to take on a whole new atmosphere.

If Perry Lane was fun, La Honda was genuinely weird. Hunter S. Thompson remembered it as “the world capital of madness. There were no rules, fear was unknown, and sleep was out of the question.” By 1964, La Honda had become a very odd rural community where domestic bliss coexisted with pharmaceutical experimentation and expressionistic living.

Did you live in a tree and party at La Honda, daub the first lick of non-schoolbus paint on Further, or hear the rumble of reefer madness through the speakers on the hillside? If you can remember any of this — flashbacks anyone? — and want to record it for Prankster posterity then click your little rodent here and share it with the rest of us.

Just added lots more photos to this section of the site. There’s a recent picture of La Honda that I took when I visited there in December, 2001. There are also a number of photos from Kesey’s personal collection: three of the Hells Angels at La Honda; one of Kesey decorating the trees behind the house; and another of him walking toward the house which gives you a good idea of the layout of the place. Finally there’s a picture of Roy Sebern and friends outside the house. Roy was responsible for much of the original artwork on Further, and it was he that gave the bus its name. All these photos are displayed with the kind permission of Kesey himself. Click on the links to the left to view these images.

Hey, Bob Linke has been searching for the location of Kesey’s cabin in La Honda. He sent us a 1998 picture which was taken after some flooding in the area. You should also check out Bob’s message about Perry Lane.Thanks Bob.

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