On June 14, 1964, with Neal Cassady at the wheel, Further lumbered out of La Honda on a journey that took the on-board Pranksters through the Deep South, up to New York City, on to to visit Timothy Leary, and then home via Canada and the Essalen Institute at Big Sur California. In the process, Kesey and the Pranksters spent about $70,000 on gas, food, and film and audio tape, and had a busload of fun and a lifetime of experiences. They called the film they planned to make of the trip The Merry Pranksters Search for a Kool Place.

This trip meant and means different things to different people, but perhaps its most lasting significance is that it forged a bond between the Pranksters that is still obvious today.

Wouldn’t it be great to hear what people thought as they saw Further pass through Nowheresville, Smalltown, America, in pre-sixties 1964? Did you sell the Pranksters watermelon and road-burgers in Phoenix, Arizona, bathe with them in the segregated waters of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, or stare and wonder as the bus drove through the crowded streets of Manhattan and across Central Park?

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Kesey and the Pranksters have recently released the first in a planned series of videos that show footage of this legendary bus trip. You can get hold of it from IntrepidTrips.com or k-zey.com.

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