Further, Furthur, Further, Furthur — never has so much been read into a spelling mistake…

Further was the name given to a big old schoolbus bought by Kesey and his buddies to travel to New York in the summer of 1964. It was soon far more than just a mode of transport: It was a canvas and a stage for Prankster pop art and cartoon superheroes, a symbol of difference and awareness (“are you on or off the bus?), and a prototype for hundreds of other Magical Mystery tours.

The original Further now rests at peace in a field near Kesey’s house, denied to the Smithsonian on principle and slowly returning to the earth. A new, flashier Further can still be seen at Prankster events thrilling the kids and making the old folks smile.

Did you ever get on the bus, off the bus, omnibus? Did you wave or frown as it passed you by on its Search for a Kool Place in 1964. Were you mad or glad when it turned up at an anti-Vietnmam war rally in 1966 painted blood red and sporting military symbols? Did you take part in the Great Bus race in Aspen Meadows in 1969? Did you tour for Grandfurther in 1987 or Search for Merlin in 1999?

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