The Acid Tests were ….. well, what the hell were the Acid Tests? Wild Parties?? Drug fueled orgies??? Prototype rock gigs???? Performance Art????? Happenings?????? Jerry Garcia described them as “a chance to be completely free-form on every level” but what did they mean to everybody else?

In most of the sixties history books, the Acid Tests are described as important, exciting and innovative events which set the stage for much of what was to follow in San Francisco and beyond.

This is all mostly true of course, but this site wants to record what was it actually like to be there for the countless people who participated in these (now) mystical and mythical events? Wolfe’s description of them is based mostly on a 3000 word essay from a woman who had been to the Watts Acid Test, but how do you remember them? Did Wolfe get it right or is your recollection very different?

Submit your personal recollection here — did you pass?? — to let others share in your memories or click on a link to the left to read what other people have so far had to say.

Hey, Hammond Guthrie has written a great story about his experiences at an L.A. Acid test. Check it out here. I went up to visit Hammond on my recent trip out West and want to thank him again for his hospitality and bountiful assistance. He still has his Acid Test card and has promised to send us a scan when he gets the time. Cheers Hammond from and

 Hey, a band called the Anonymous Artists of America played at the Acid Test Graduation and I always wondered what became of them…..Well, an anonymous member wrote and told me. To find out what he/she said, follow the link to the left …..

Gene Anthony has kindly given permission to display some of his fabulous photos of Kesey and the Pranksters, including one of Wavy Gravy at the San Francisco State Acid Test, and another of a few pranksters in their signature overalls. Click on the links to the left to view these photos or visit Gene Anthony’s website to view more of his work. Many thanks Gene.

You might have heard about the Smithsonian’s attempts to get the original Further in the early 1990s. They failed on that front, but Kesey did give them this colorful panel that they used to display at all the early acid tests.

For your information, in recent years, Kesey and the Pranksters have released a video that contains film footage of some Acid Tests, and they have also put out a CD of the San Francisco State Acid Test from 1965. You can still get hold of these items, I think, from,

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